Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a confidential, informal and voluntary process whereby an impartial mediator facilities communication between those in dispute to assist them in the development of a mutually acceptable agreement to improve their future working relationship.

It basically brings people together to proactively resolve their disputes.

Workplace Mediation can provide a private forum where parties can discuss their dispute, feel that they have been heard, gain insight and understanding into the other party’s perspective, and work together to explore and develop possible ways forward.

Why use mediation in the workplace?

Recognition and understanding – it allow parties to have their say and be heard, both express their point of view and understand the other parties viewpoint

Self-determination – parties in dispute can decide what works best for them, they make their own decisions about the best way forward

Timeliness and speed – mediation can usually take place quickly ensuring parties can move on causing a minimum of disruption to their lives and their workplace

Cost effective – both in terms of financial costs but also in emotional cost.

Confidential – the confidential nature ensures matters can be aired and discussed freely with the confidence that information cannot be used elsewhere.

Mediation agreement – where parties reach an agreement that they both support and commit to, they are far more likely to adhere to it.

The Process of Workplace Mediation

  1. Meet with each party separately focusing on conflict coaching to understand the issues from their own perspectives and their understanding of the other parties
  2. The mediation itself
    • Opening statements from the mediator and from each of the parties
    • Identify the problem/s
    • Identify the issues and agenda
    • Problem solve and find solutions
    • Separate meetings (optional)
    • Agreement

Types of workplace problems that are amenable to mediation

  • Problems between employees
  • Performance issues
  • Harassment complaints
  • Issues between manager and staff member
  • Departments in conflict

… any conflict that is impacting on and detracting from a positive and productive work environment.