Judy Fanselow

Judy Fanselow is well known in Nelson – and further afield – from her work in HR for the last 30 years.  She has a Masters degree in Sociology and post graduate studies in Human Resources, with additional training in psychometric assessment and coaching, alongside extensive consulting, management and directorship experience.

From her life and work experience, Judy knows that conflicts arise through differences in perception, preferences, opinions and ideals.  She has the skills to help parties in conflict navigate these differences, build bridges and find workable solutions.

Conflict resolution has always been part of Judy’s broader HR offering, and this has been further enhanced with a Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution from Massey University.  Judy likes the speed, effectiveness, confidentiality and self-determination of mediation.  Parties only commit to what works for them, they are not told what they have to agree to and they can be assured the process is as confidential as they wish it to be.  The earlier the intervention the better: before parties are too entrenched, where some goodwill still exists and before real damage to the workplace has occurred.

Judy has built experience primarily in workplace disputes assisting colleagues deal with issues between each other, as well as manager/staff issues. Whether a conflict is in the workplace, commercial, community or family, Judy can use her strong communication and facilitation skills to manage a dispute resolution / mediation process that is highly respectful of all parties and produces real outcomes.