What we do

An independent group of qualified resolution professionals, Resolve It, is helping ensure that disputes are dealt with quickly, bring minimum harm and maximise win:win outcomes.

Resolve It can save you time and money and help you or your organisation concentrate on what is important without the unnecessary distraction of resolvable problems gone wrong.

Resolve It have the skills to listen to the parties, understand the key issues of the dispute and work with the parties, either together or separately, to achieve a resolution.  Simple conflicts if not caught early, often grow and can sometimes lead to costly long term disputes. The cost of these disputes can be significant in dollars, time, loss of wellbeing and reputation.

Resolve It will help you understand the dispute and find your way through it.  Working with a Resolve It professional, you will be supported to clarify the issues involved, explore the dispute, understand your interests and explore options for resolution.  Where maintaining relationships is important, you will get assistance to move to resolution while enhancing, not damaging, relationships.

Our strengths cover:

  •  Conflict management coaching
  •  Mediation
  •  Deal mediation
  •  Advocacy
  •  Negotiation
  •  Facilitation

Our skills can be used widely, including:

  •  Workplace
  •  Families
  •  Relationship
  •  Communities
  •  Neighbourhood
  •  Suppliers
  •  Educational institutions …

… anywhere where disputes exist

If you are affected by a dispute, contact Resolve It today info@resolveit.nz